The Shoshan Group at the University of Zurich

Peptide Synthesis

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Combinatorial Tools

Mechanistic Studies

Our group conducts multidisciplinary research that combines peptide, inorganic and medicinal chemistry, as well as molecular biology to solve current healthcare and environmental challenges by applying a broad range of techniques and skill-sets.

Our main goal is to develop new compounds for the selective chelation of toxic heavy metals towards therapeutics and environmental remediation.

Recent News

18.12.2020 - Daniel presented his bachelor thesis. Good luck with your next step! 

14.09.2020 - Madlen joins us for a short period to work on our natural products project. Welcome, Madlen! 

10.09.2020 - Luca's review on peptides used against Pb poisoning and pollution is published.

07.09.2020 - Ayca joins us for her Master's thesis, where she will work together with Luca on examining exciting new amino acids and peptides. Welcome!

14.08.2020 - Heloise successfully presented today her Master's thesis. All the best with the next step!