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Luca Sauser

Research Interests:

My project focuses on developing rationally designed peptides for selective metal detoxification.


Pursuing PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry - Department of Chemistry, University of  Zurich, Switzerland

M.Sc. in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (2018) - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,

University of Bern, Switzerland 

B.Sc. in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (2016) - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,

University of Bern, Switzerland 

Awards and Fellowships:

Forschungskredit (2020) - University of Zurich


Sauser L., Kalvoda T., Kavas A., Rulíšek L., Shoshan M. S.*

"Cyclic Octapeptides Composed of Two Glutathione Units Outperform the Monomer in Lead Detoxification"

ChemMedChem, 2022, 17, 15, e202200152

Sauser L., Mohammed T. A., Kalvoda T., Feng S-J., Spingler B., Rulíšek L., Shoshan M. S.*

"Thiolation and Carboxylation of Glutathione Synergistically Enhance its Lead-Detoxification Capabilities"

Inorg. Chem., 2021, 60, 24, 18620-18624.

Sauser L., Shoshan M. S.* "Enhancing Metal-Binding with Noncanonical Coordinating Amino Acids"

CHIMIA, 2021, 75, 530-534.

Sauser L., Shoshan M. S.* "Harnessing Peptides against Lead Pollution and Poisoning: Achievements and ProspectsJ. Inorg. Biochem., 2020, 212, 111251.

Pfister S., Sauser L., Gjuroski I., Furrer J., Vermathen M.* "Monitoring the encapsulation of chlorin e6 derivatives into polymer carriers by NMR spectroscopy" J. Porphyr. Phthalocyanines, 2019, 23, 1576-1586.

Gjuroski I.*, Girousi E., Meyer C., Hertig D., Stojkov D., Fux M., Schnidrig N., Bucher J., Pfister S., Sauser L., Simon H., Vermathen P., Furrer J., Vermathen M.* "Evaluation of polyvinylpyrrolidone and block copolymer micelle encapsulation of serine chlorin e6 and chlorin e4 on their reactivity towards albumin and transferrin and their cell uptakeJ. Control. Release, 2019, 316, 150-167. 

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